The Buzz In Cosmetics That Contains Rare Miracle Oil And Bee Venom Turns Back Time On Wrinkles

This miracle oil comes from the peaceful paradise of Vanuatu . it’s been proven in clinical trials to scale back inflammation, promote healing, smooth the skin and counter UV light damage.

The anti-wrinkle cream that’s creating an enormous buzz within the world of cosmetics – because it’s made up of bee venom combined with rare ingredients from New Zealand & South Pacific .

Experts say that also as mood swings, sleeplessness and weight-gain, women browsing the menopause also suffer a spread of skin problems.

Deep wrinkles, puffiness and dryness are just a few of the symptoms brought on by hormone changes in women as early as their late 30’s.

Later in life, levels of the feminine hormones oestrogen and preogesterone drop rapidly resulting in accelerated skin aging.

Levels of collagen and elastin also go down, resulting in saggy skin and deep wrinkles and production of skin-hydrating acids and oils also significantly drop, causing dryness and a ‘crepe’ appearance to the skin.

The active compound in bee venom is called melittin, which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties .A study from the National Academy of Agriculture, South Korea, found that not only bee venom could reduce the levels of acne bacteria on the skin.., it can tackle the inflammation caused by acne, too. The results of another trial reveal that bee venom could reduce angry acne spots in just three weeks.
Eczema is an inflammatory disease, but bee venom can help here, too.Several studies have shown that bee venom can reduce both the number and severity of dry skin patches [lesions] caused by eczema.moreover it considerably reduces the itching associated with the disease. , An emollient, essentially a medical moisturizer, containing bee venom can also reduce levels of inflammation in the skin, which can also limit the number of breakouts.
One of the best-documented benefits of bee venom is its powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Many of its components have been shown to reduce inflammation, especially melittin – its main components.

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