Want to know how to get rid of wrinkles in 10 days?  Not to get all scientific on you, but wrinkles are pretty much determined by genetics. AKA: thanks, mom & dad.  After that, the environment can play a part (Looking at you, sun worshipers), city smog and bad habits (sorry, smokers.)  Cupcakes and donuts and sugar/spice/everything (not) nice will also destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin.  How UNFAIR is that?  Even sleeping dominantly on one side does damage. Gah!  And happy birthday to you with an added dose of wrinkles. The older you get, the more collagen you lose.  Yep – unwrap those added lines and wrinkles.  Boo. No lotion in the world will reverse that.

I’ve-tried-EVERYTHING (I think) to get rid of wrinkles. Banana botox, grapefruit exfoliators, essential oils, homemade mish-moshes, drugstore lotions/creams (totally having faith), expensive (It costs a lot, so it will totes work) department store creams, specialty treatment lotions, egg white/lemon juice masks, coconut oil from the grocery store (hidden gem, right?), cinnamon masks… I mean, INSANE.

Wrinkles: 10, Glam Karen: 0.

Onto Plan B.

The very fact that you’re reading this is a sign that you are a little curious about how to end this exhausting wrinkle cycle just like I was.

Let’s talk the REAL DEAL about wrinkles.  Cutting through all the egg-wash/coconut oil/lotion fluff and giving it to you straight.

Remember my story about Botox , Wow – did that get the convo going!  So many of you posted comments and also emailed me your private questions, asked for advice and wanted more. The curiosity level was at a 10!

What about dermal fillers?  Pretty simple – they are a soft tissue filler that gets injected into an area of your skin to help fill in those facial wrinkles.  Because the wrinkles are filled in, you get that smooth appearance. It adds a bit of volume and fills out any hollow areas caused by wrinkles or even acne scars. This is the MOST noticeable when your face is at rest. The procedures for fillers is the same as with Botox. A few injections into the areas that would benefit from greater volume. Minimal pain (think of the pain level as the same as getting a flu shot).

Awkward Moment Ahead:  Normally my Glam Karen photos are shot with natural outdoor sunshine, NOT taken <literally> 5 inches from my face, and NOT with <unflattering> bright, fluorescent office lighting. I’m funny that way.   Only because I love you am I showing you BEFORE & AFTER photos – done in a medical office.

Did I mention fluorescent lighting, 5 inches from my face? Ok.

But I mean… the differences of these <untouched/unedited/unfiltered> photos. Wow, right?

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