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Even though 2020 is the worst year for the entire world and we just want to escape this shit asap, we know we cannot technically do that or maybe I’m friends with wrong people:/

But whatever may be the case, what we sure know is that beauty trends are on peak and girls at home are trying them and loving them and raving about them hence, making them the bomb beauty trends 2020.

If you are all about trying amazing beauty stuff on your face, go on reading else I want you to fall your eyes on these drugstore dupes of high-end-pocket-burning makeup and NARS makeup in specific. You are sure shot to love them!

Anyhow, before starting off, I just want to make it clear these are only the beauty trends I love because people are doing some crazy stuff out there and that’s not what I’m going nuts about. So, let’s just hop onto these killer beauty trends 2020.


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What you’ll find today

My Favourite Beauty Trends 2020


beauty trends 2020

Love love love! Honestly, not in my life, I knew freckles are a thing in humanity but god, they are pretty. I am a medium-dusky skin tone and I tried them a while ago, and seriously went crazy over them. And for the fact I know, you’ll be seeing freckles as one of the top beauty trends 2020. Because girl, they deserve it!

Bushy Brows

Gosh, I have been waiting for this thing to be a full-fledged beauty trend from the time I know brows make or break a face. Not because I myself have bushy brows and loved them from day1 but because this trend began in the early 20’s where thin sleek eyebrows were in, and to be honest, I hated, HATEEEDDDD them. And I seriously wish this trend stays on for a long time.

Blush Pink Makeup

beauty trends 2020

You’ll be kidding if you tell me you haven’t seen those cute, super fresh pink blush makeup looks where they go a little overboard with blush but still look gorgeous af. I love how fresh and healthy it looks and you just have to overdo blush which is quite a natural thing for us, right?? A beauty trend 2020 I’m following till the end.

Monochromatic Makeup Look

This was a full-blown beauty trend 2019 and we know it’s here to stay, making its place in the list of beauty trends 2020. Looking at monochromatic makeup looks is so pleasing to the eyes when all the colours match and look cohesive and bang on perfect together. What is too much colour?

Pastel Eyeshadows/Eyeliners

Worn as an eyeliner or all over your lids, pretty pastel colours have rocked spring 2020 and we know summer would be all about them too. Pastels are on fleek! Aren’t they? Plus, they suit me a Lil more than bright colours so I’m happy. What about you? Making to our Kickass beauty trends 2020 list.

Hair Clips

If you by any chance missed this gorgeous beauty trend back in 2019, this is your chance to be back in the game because girl, they look retro. Hair clips give me this whole 90’s vibe. Umm, they made them ugly when I was a kid though. But these golden claws or even the pearl ones are just so stunning. I’m in total Awe! You can beautiful hair clips at cheap prices over at Amazon easily!

French Nails

Those sleek White tips over your natural nails, remember? They were a huge hit back in the day, but the whole idea of fake nails completely stole the light. But look who is making a come back? Also, don’t they just look more natural and decent and maybe posh?

Natural Makeup Look

Taking of natural, this has to come up. This whole natural makeup look or no-makeup makeup look was a huge hit in 2019 and maybe that’s why we are listing them down in beauty trends 2020 too. Thank God, because people made those heavy eyeshadow looks seem normal and wore them around on an everyday basis. Not that I’m saying they should not, but it’s just that I don’t like them as an everyday thing, personally.


First, it was making your cheeks glow with tons of highlighter and now it’s all about making your lips shine with gloss. Honestly, I haven’t tried it yet which I know is dumb because the internet is going crazy over glossy lips and dewy makeup. But let’s just wait for the right time where I will purchase a gloss for myself too.

Gemstone Eyes

beauty trends 2020

Kid you not this is a real thing. People are pasting gemstones and pearls and all the dainty pieces on their eyes and everyone is loving it. They look delish af! Hitting the beauty trends 2020 list hard?

And I guess that is just it for our beauty trends 2020 list. Since we are home, why not try these seriously gorgeous beauty trends which are probably dominating 2020 and for the fact, we know they are here to stayyyy!

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